In 2019, there are nearly 4 million women in the U.S. starting their journey of two-men-diet. According to one research, around 10% of the moms experienced nutrition deficiency during their pregnancy even after taking daily prenatal supplements. Nutrition deficiency are risky to both the mom and the baby, and adding more supplements also have side effects. So better planning each meal is the first option to solve the problem.

Make just-in-time nutrition choices easy for new moms.

An on-demand and informative nutrition recipe recommendations Web application.

  • Target-Focused Needs: App focuses on needs of pregnant/lactating women
  • Customization: Allows customization based on individual needs and preferences
  • Minimize User Fatigue: Only two input pages and could be saved for next use


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  • Data
  • Model
  • Evaluation
  • Infrastructure


We are students of Master of Information and Data Science (MIDS) at UC Berkeley.
Please check our Project Webpage on MIDS website.

Suzy Choi

Revenue Management

Suzy works in Boeing Commercial Airplanes Revenue Management as a Pricing Analyst and Data Analytics focal. She supports airline customer negotiation activities and helps develop pricing strategies that enable the best financial outcome for The Boeing Company.

Wenqi Liu

Data Scientist

Wenqi works in the Enterprise Marketing department at Wells Fargo as a Data Scientist. She builds statistical/machine learning models to understand and predict customer behavior patterns, like new customer acquisition, customer churn and customer segmentation models.

Jennifer Middleton


Jennifer is VP, InfoSec Data Engineering & Analytics at a Fortune 200 company. She oversees petabytes of data and the associated analytics required to support the firm's Information Security activities and is leading the firm's Data Protection Strategy.

Yaran Zhang

Data Operations

Yaran is a Data Operations Director at Moody's Analytics. She manages Data Quality, Data Engineering and Services functions and resources, to build and support the data pipelines and data contents for quantitative Credit Risk models delivered via various product suites.